Off Campus

04 January 2005

January Mail

Dear Off Campus,
What's the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?
Yolanda in Berlin

Yo- If I remember my High School physics or algebra correctly, It would seem that the former will add an R sound to all modes of speech, while the latter will take it away. This is what the industry means by "regional encoding". This is especially handy for New Englanders, and Southerners, Allowing all types of actors to be understood when they say things like Pizzer, winder (pizza, window) or Hahvid yaad. (Harvard Yard), Excuse us while we go paak the caa.


Dear Off Campus,
Is it better to run from a pack of flesh-eating zombies, or play dead?
Barbara, Pittsburg

Run? By all means no. Doesn't matter if you ran Varsity track and got a full boat to State U to run the steeplechase, they will still catch you. No matter how slow they plod along, they're always right behind you. And don't play dead, they'll check. And by check I mean take a bite or two just to be sure. The best thing you can do is shuffle along as if you're one of them. Shuffle a little slower and make a break for it, back the way they came. Worst case, keep pretending your dead.

Shuffling along,

Dear Off Campus,
When choosing a humidifier, is shape of more concern than color?
What are your recommendations?
Lianna in Grantham

Hi Li,
May we call you Li? Color don't matter so much as shape, and if by shape you mean size. There is no way to ward off the dangers of dry air, static, and worst of all, dry staticy hair without the largest humidifier you can possibly find. Get 2 or 3 for each room while your at it and you can forget lugging the tank back and forth to the sink. Those wimpy models will never get your bedroom to those humidity levels that will keep your Jungle lovin' going. You wanna feel the sparks flying, but you don't want to really feel sparks now do you?