Off Campus

15 December 2004

Give The Norm a hand

Christmas is a time of inspiration. Please take a moment today to visit one of the comics that inspires me (which in turn keeps me creating, and thereby keeps you reading everything that is Off Campus)

Formerly appearing in newspapers across the country, Michael Jantzes The Norm, can now only be seen at (or in stacks of old newspapers in attics and basements).

Christmas is also a time of giving, and The Norm needs our help. Having broken away from the world of newspaper syndication, he needs enough subscribers to stay afloat and keep drawing. At present, he's more than halfway to his goal of 4000 subscribers, and you can help. We're talkin' 25 bucks here, that's way cheaper than an annual subscription to the very paper you had you buy to read The Norm in the first place. So pick up a couple of your christmas presents at a discount on e-bay, and with the money you save, send The Norm a couple bucks. And in turn, you'll be entertained, and keep a couple of artists happy, who in turn keeps at present count 2490 +1 people happy, and the world is a nicer place. Wow!

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS!