Off Campus

04 July 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish

On this, the nations birthday, we recognize other birthdays and milestones, particularly the birth of this blog - a joint venture, spin-off and survivor of the comic that began nearly 17 years ago, and had six-month revival in print just before "blogging" entered the current vernacular.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness has brought far too much of our attentions toward fixing up the homestead(s), fighting the good fight against the aforementioned "pile", selling blood, and the lucrative world of producing a Horror-Host show (across New England).

Yes overscheduling can lead to productivity, it can also lead to apathy and neglectfulness on other fronts. (Which could also be a general sense of dis-ease from being a few pints low - gotta pre-buy our winter heating oil somehow.)

If brevity is the soul of wit, then the rambling-ness here today demonstrates the witlessness fatal to what began as a place for Mark and I to make each other (and hopefully, a few of you) laugh. So here we say goodby to an old friend and comedy outlet. We'll go back to making ourselves laugh over Belgian Fries and Panini at one of our favorite haunts, have time to fit in a game or two of Quiddler, and actually get out to a movie or two.

If you know me, find me on Facebook (challenge me to a game of scrabble (Scrabulous). If you don't, read through the backlog, and mourn the life and loss of this blog, as with everything we seem to acknowledge life and (semi) brilliance only when something or someone is gone. Or, in the timeless words of 80's hair-band Cinderella, You don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Time for a little more First Life people!

27 September 2007

We're Moving

and we're taking the blog with us!

In the words of a wise and wiley new-media director, or perhaps it was a socially outcast, self-loathing degenerate with WAY too much time on his hands, “If your not constantly redesigning your web presence you're dead.”

We're not dead, Not resting, not even pining for the fjords. We're moving and bringing back the classics from the early days of our foray into Web 2.0!

Gotta foster the illusion of new content, while we lose ourselves in the new Fall TV Schedule, before the cancel all the good new shows! (and have little time to blog about it)

08 August 2007

Lumberjocks TV

After 12 long years outside of film and tv production, I've started dabbling again... I just put the final polish on my second video upload at
(when I'm not working wood... I'm working with it digitally!

So for your dining and dancing pleasure - turning a pen, in under 10 seconds!



13 July 2007

No one expects the Vegan Death Squad!

(My phone didn't seem to quite grab all the pixels of) some graffiti found around town that makes me wonder if I'm a potential victim or not... should I keep prying eyes away from my grocery cart? Should I be gardening with "protection"

Ok fearsome Vegan Death Squad - are you a horde of (suburban) cattle ranchers roaming the city, striking fear into those of us not eating our fair share of baby cows and piggies?


are you a crunchier bunch - though just as fearsome - striking out with a carrot and a stick against anyone eating, or exploiting anything with a face on it?

Ok so you've tagged the neighborhood, can you post your manifesto too? The name, it's funny, but a little vague.


15 June 2007

Loan Sharking at the ATM

24 hour deposit available... still charging an arm and a leg.


02 April 2007

Under Destruction

Destruction, or perhaps a little bit of moving the furniture around. This blog has sort of outgrown it's original scope and needs a little spring cleaning, lest it remains relegated to the background of my blogging attentions.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? I hope so.... going to turn this into a bit of a cellphone photoblog. Get back to the funny look at the world around us, by captureing quick glimpses of things that make me laugh, without having to get all wordy like.

Brevity is the soul of wit, eh?

11 February 2007

Got Wood?

I do.

That's why most of my online time, blogging and reading, has been done here and over here at Lumberjocks.

and when I get hungry or inspired in the kitchen, here.

Is Off Campus dead? Heck no, (refer to previous post) It's just pining for the fjords, what with all my wood and all. And my partner in crime here is spending all his free time in (and some of his pricey time) working on and editing a weekly horror tv show.

Gotta run, I've got sawdust to make!


28 December 2006

obligation blogging....

is not much fun.

There are two types of bloggers.

#1. Those who post often. So often, that they have to apologize to their families because they never see them (But at least their family has access to up to the minute information on everything, if they choose to avoid any quality face time.)

#2. Those who post less than regularly, and need to apologize for not posting sooner everytime they finally get around to it.

This blog is obviously the result of the latter.

Now that the time has come for New Years resolutions, let me join the masses making their promises to be better in the new year. Others may stick to their promises and some may not. Let me assure you, dear reader, that I will not break my resolutions. (None pertaining to blogging anyhow).

Yes let me state clearly, loudly and proudly, that I will continue to post just as frequently as I manage to.
Whether weekly, or weakly... (Hey you try to keep up a three blog habit (Two out of three ain't bad), chase after a four year old (yours, or the neighbors), hold down a couple jobs, all while trying to fit in a meal or two and donating as much blood as possible.)

Ok, so for the record, I'll admit there are three types of bloggers, the third being those who manage to post regularly, (without overdoing it). But as these people are clearly freaks, it's best not to talk about them.