Off Campus

28 December 2006

obligation blogging....

is not much fun.

There are two types of bloggers.

#1. Those who post often. So often, that they have to apologize to their families because they never see them (But at least their family has access to up to the minute information on everything, if they choose to avoid any quality face time.)

#2. Those who post less than regularly, and need to apologize for not posting sooner everytime they finally get around to it.

This blog is obviously the result of the latter.

Now that the time has come for New Years resolutions, let me join the masses making their promises to be better in the new year. Others may stick to their promises and some may not. Let me assure you, dear reader, that I will not break my resolutions. (None pertaining to blogging anyhow).

Yes let me state clearly, loudly and proudly, that I will continue to post just as frequently as I manage to.
Whether weekly, or weakly... (Hey you try to keep up a three blog habit (Two out of three ain't bad), chase after a four year old (yours, or the neighbors), hold down a couple jobs, all while trying to fit in a meal or two and donating as much blood as possible.)

Ok, so for the record, I'll admit there are three types of bloggers, the third being those who manage to post regularly, (without overdoing it). But as these people are clearly freaks, it's best not to talk about them.