Off Campus

05 September 2006

Rockin into the Fall lineup

While there have been a couple gems on the TV horizon this summer (Treasure Hunters, Rockstar and ... oh, I guess that's about it), the fall lineup can't come fast enough.

In the wake of the lackluster Video Music Awards, there's an fashion/fundraiser/concert on Friday. Elton John is combining the best in rock with the best in fashion - Fashion Rocks! Call me a reformed (or somewhat older) late 80s Rock/Metal head... but, some of the big names they're touting don't scream ROCK to me. (Or whisper it for that matter). Only one of the bands on the list so far had a song covered on Rockstar - if that serves as a current barometer - and I'll tell you it wasn't Beyonce, Faith Hill, the Pussycat Dolls or the Scissor Sisters).

Oh! Poor summer programming. Once the home of twice, or thrice viewed reruns. Cheers, Friends, Cosby, Seinfeld.... Now the home of former celebrities trying to dance, sing, or eat their way back into the spotlight. (Or out of a box filled with bugs). The summer TV season started with a bang - on the season finale of Lost - and almost nothing has happened since...

We still have to wait until October to find out what happened on the island. Until then, I've got my money on Heroes, Smith, Studio 60, and The Class. Otherwise, I may just have to pull the plug.

At least there's always You Tube!