Off Campus

14 July 2006

passport to adventure

I went down to the post office yesterday to get my passport renewed. My old one expired about 3 years ago. I managed to dig out my birth certificate in case I needed to re-prove that I was born. (An expired passport isn't proper ID anymore, right?)

Thankfully everything went smoothly, I filled out the renewal form, Name, Address, height (no weight thankfully), eyes, emergency contacts, and all that jazz. There was also a spot for travel plans... the passport is good for 10 years, and I have no idea about what I'll be doing in the coming years, so hopefully not filling in every place I'm likely to visit won't bar me from future entry.

Last night, I realized I forgot to fill out one of the spots, and I'm afraid they'll send the form back (I won't get my new passport in time for my cruise this fall). After height, before eyes, there was a spot for hair. I left that blank. If they question, I'll refer them to the enclosed photographs. That should take care of it.

Not too worried, but you never know.