Off Campus

09 April 2006

you don't scare me

My day job is in advertising, so yes, I am one of the folks who gets paid to help tell the world what to think, what to do, and more importantly, where to spend their money. I work for the local newspaper, rather than agencies representing major corporations, so I like to think we're not evil. Not entirely anyway.

One thing that has always left a bitter taste, is the use of scare tactics to sell. These run the gamut from fashion to medicine - fear of humiliation for not looking cool, or fear of death (due to social crippling acne, or E.D.). Something I actively try to avoid (scare tactics, acne and E.D. - I just avoid the whole lot).

"Buy this thneed because it's great!" not "Buy this thneed or the cute brunette in psych will laugh at you, and not even your mom would go with you to prom, you dork"

I was genuinely shocked this morning, when I saw a commercial for an upcoming Ballet company's performance in Boston of Swan Lake...

(deep announcer voice)

"Go see Swan Lake, or live to regret it!"

Scare tactics to sell the arts. Great.