Off Campus

18 February 2006

Eating Survivor and the Olympics

Now that Survivor is back on TV, i figured I'd give their diet a go, as another futile attempt at dropping a couple pounds - albeit a extreme one. 1/2 cup of rice a day, combined with plenty of lethargy, and throw in the occasional odd-ball physical challenge.... bound to be gaunt and lifeless by summer! I'll fall out of all my clothes, but oh how skinny I'll be. One upshot - by remaining Stateside, I'll avoid a host of bug bourne plagues that make West Nile more like a common cold.

But, while waiting for the Uncle Benz to boil, the Olympics came on TV. In Italy no less, so I modified the plan a touch. Instead of a little rice everyday, (and only to keep it topical and interesting), I'll substitute in orzo, cappellini, rotini, lasagne, polenta, fettucini, stuffed shells and so on. I shall eat with relish and gusto!

In their first week on the island, the folks on survivor look like they've all lost enough weight to drop a size or two. I'm happy to report that their weight is not lost. I've found it all.

Today's menu included Italian sausage panini, plus heaping portions of angel hair with sausage, marinara and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Tomorrow, a 7 layer Lasagna, and Tiramisu. Mario and Giadia would be proud!