Off Campus

24 January 2006

They keep taking my shows away

First ALIAS, and now I've just learned that THE WEST WING has been cancelled.

Am I saddened that my shows will be gone, or relieved at the two hours a week I'll be getting back?

There was a time, a couple friends who were hooked on their standard show fare decided to, and actually stuck with the plan to not bother with re-runs. To their credit, they had glorious summers in the garden, on vacation and doing things during and after the extended daylight hours, that even the Army can't get done before 8am.

A great idea, I thought, we must try this. Unfortunately, this was the first year that the networks introduced new shows and off season replacements, rather than rerun all the tried and true programming from months, if not weeks before. And so we were hooked on the likes of the Amazing Race, The Mole and Last Comic Standing.

Forgetting once again, that I could have mustered up a break from the TV, I actually looked forward to this past summers crop of new programming - only to find myself completely turned off by Dancing with the Stars, Annoying Celebrities who've wasted their 15 minutes already, and other useless crap that someone had to have slept with (a lot) someone (ugly) to get aired. I was stuck changing channels finding something other than re-runs of CSI to watch. Food network fit the bill most of the time. Pining away for September and the return of my beloved Alias, CSI and The West Wing.

Yes. I'm sad to see Alias and West Wing go, and I wonder what new trap I'll get sucked into to keep me out of the workshop, garden and or running around the backyard like a crazyperson with my daughter (since it doesn't embarrass her quite yet - not like that's gonna stop me when it does). I'll stick with Lost (perhaps become more obsessed with it, and the origional CSI, though I could now finally embrace all it's incarations, unless perhaps Aaron Sorkin and JJ Abrams colaborated on a new series. Oh to dream!