Off Campus

17 January 2006

Golden Globs

Being the pseudo-pop culture mavens we are, we were glued to the set last night watching the Golden Globe awards... Revealing dresses notwithstanding. (Besides everything else was a re-run, though I did get some good dinner ideas on Food Network during the commercials.)

While Hilliary looked Swank and Evangeline was more lovely than a Lily, I just couldn't keep my thoughts from returning to Nicolette Sheridan. Is it just me, or does always look really scary? Intimidatingly so. Or at the very least, really, really uncomfortable?

Nicolette, I'm trying to enjoy myself watching TV here - but I can't - I'm scared and concerned. For fear of meeting you in a dark alley, perhaps I could suggest a Zen Master? Chiropractor? Acupuncturist? High Calonic?

For fear of not meeting one of your colleagues in a dark alley, dark corner or private venue of their choosing - I'll promise I'll stand and take my licks. Felicity, I'll even talk shop (wood shop) with your husband. I'm sure he could teach me a thing or two about the lathe... but I digress.

I'm sorry to have broken a cardinal tenet of this blog and spent more than zero words talking about ABC's first time slot replacement for Alias (at least I didn't slip and name the show :). It feels good to get that off my chest, despite possibly coming off a little Joan Rivers.

Now we can get back to more important things - stay tuned for The Golden Globes Recap - the Butt Game version. As well as blogs about food and useless inanities - Important Stuff!