Off Campus

24 February 2006

I Scream, You Scream

The good folks over at Ben & Jerry's (Ben and Jerry) just fired off an announcement of their new flavors for 2006. We're particularly thrilled with some of the new taste sensations. Black and Tan, Turtle Soup and Vanilla Ice Cream Bars.

Following suit with their line of ice creams paying homage to famous musicians and funny people, Cherry Garcia, Doonsbury Sorbet, Phish Food and Pistachio, comes the latest, and the punniest. It's.... Vermonty Python Origional Ice Cream, complete with little Fudge Cows...

(What, no Crunchy Frog? No Ram's Bladder Cup or Lime Cream?)

We're sure the Britons are now finally appeased since the departure of Cool Brittania to the Flavor Graveyard. (Or should that be flavour graveyard?)

A scan of the graveyard shows some of the tasty ideas who's time has come and gone. But what of the other flavors, never so briefly worthy of consideration? Ones inspired by a two pint trip on Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownie Ice Cream, briefly jotted down, and fortunately not hitting the stores this spring.

Jim Crow Jubilee (vanilla ice cream with white chocolate bits and coconut shavings)

Pickles N' Cream (nuff said)

Graveyard Granola (six flavors mixed into one unidentifiable grey slurry, with bits of granola mixed in for texture)

Numb Nuts (Anbesol-laced maple walnut, with additional Brazil and corn nuts mixed in)

Piggly Wiggly (Ham-flavored ice cream with bacon bits) (non-kosher)

Great Scot! (Butterscotch and whisky swirled with Haggis)

Crab Apple Pie (Apples and cinnamon swirled with crab meat in vanilla ice cream)

Almond Brothers Crunch (toasted almonds and Cap'n Crunch(TM) cereal in chocolate and vanilla swirl)

Chicken and Waffles, with Collards and Grits (a bad Vermont spin on Southern comfort food - with Southern Comfort(TM) swirl)

Hot Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Cookie (two great tastes, that are great together - but not in ice cream)

Manson Mint (don't drink the Kool Aid(TM) either.)

Mario Van Pebbles (Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream with Flintsones Chocolate and Fruity Pebbles(TM) Cereal mixed in)

Dr. Frankenfurter ...with a bit of mustard

Pizza Hut(TM) Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Supreme Cream (if you're intrigued, go see your doctor)