Off Campus

14 March 2006

Now it's personal

The mailbag (both the virtual and the good old fashined ones) have been busting at the seems lately, and quite frankly we're surprised by all the requests for a little more information about the people behind off campus. Who we are, where we're from and what makes us tick. To risk coming off a tad impersonal, we'd like to answer these questions en masse (to save a little time, stave off the carpal tunnel... and well honestly, we've run out of 2 cent stamps). To make it up to our most faithful readers - send us an SASE, and we'll send you something!

Answers to the OC FAQ:

  • Usually 3 times a week.
  • Keene, NH
  • Surprisingly, twice this past week.
  • Yes, much shorter than you'd think.
  • Mocha chip first no question - chocolate and peanut butter a distant second.
  • I'd wake up with a headache if I didn't get any.
  • Just Keep your hands off my power supply - the only copy I'd ever seen, actually.
  • A combination letters, with only a "J" added.
  • Pottery for a short time, and now, the Lathe.
  • A long night by myself in a monestary in Paris, right before Christmas.
  • Mostly blue, with a little green
  • I probably still have it somewhere (if my parents didn't thow it out or sell it)
  • The night I turned fifteen.
  • It wasn't yellow when I saw it.
  • Balcony, front and center.
  • Only when it rains.
  • Not very often. Usually we just write down the first ten things that come to mind.
  • Curry Pineapple.
  • The Monkees (4), and a four-way tie between Shonen Knife (2) The Donnas (2), Supagroup (2), and The Upper Crust (2).
  • Larry Hagman, Forrest Tucker, and Alan Hale, Jr.
  • It's effortless for me. I don't even have to try.
  • Probably about 1,000 hours at this point.
  • When I was twelve, but I didn't tell anyone.
  • Once in OH, twice in UT, and never in SC.
  • Orange Circus Peanuts.
  • Lee Majors.
  • A BA in Film Theory, for what it's worth.
  • See, there's a story here. If we'd known it was going to turn out that way, we would have used flame-retardant wigs.
  • Fritz Belgian Fries (plug, plug).
  • Sweet's 7-inch of Little Willy (gee, that sounds dirty).