Off Campus

29 April 2006

top ten quotes of the week

- Slacker vacation edition

Ok, not only did I stop at five, I also killed 3 blogs with one stone with this'n! You could consider this is a top ten list in progress... (but it's not) bear with me - I've been down in the basement workshop all day trying to finish my fathers birthday present (and get that place cleaned up once and for all - proud to say I'm almost done!!! (on both counts), not exactly how one starts a vacation, so there. And with no further ado - some bits about food that made me chuckle this week:

#1 - Kate over at The Accidental Hedonist: When reading the headline Chinese Scientists Clone Mad Cow-Resistant Calf, the first thought that came to my mind was "Yeah, but how does it taste?"

#2 - Jenniferschmoo over at The Vegan Lunch Box: Bac-Os (yes, indeed, they are vegan!)

#3 - Fran Spielman, City Hall Reporter for the The Chicago Sun-Times: Forget about skyrocketing gas prices, soaring property tax assessments and corruption that has federal investigators crawling all over City Hall. Chicago aldermen have a more pressing concern: foie gras.

#4 - Over at The Food Whore: ...there were the infamous "soft pie" hunts, which basically means we would run through the cow pastures - in our bare feet - stepping on cow pies until someone found a fresh one. The first person to call "Soft Pie", would win a candy bar...

#5 - Barbara Fisher over at Tigers & Strawberries: The most important thing he has learned, apparently, is that it is okay to say “fart” on the ABC News.