Off Campus

05 July 2006


Oh Rockstar, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways;

1. You're only a tiny bit like American Idol, but you skip past all the crappy auditions and BS and get right to the really good performers.

2. You stick with a musical genre, that brings me back to my youth (ok... umm... formative years) and still sounds just as good.

3. You reach as broad an audience, without relying on a nasty Brit to keep the ratings up, and viewers tuned in.

4. You show that there is intelligence and talent behind the makeup and tattoos.

5. Just as with Jordis starting the show last season, Storm (yes her given name) came on stage first and gave a "Gentlemen we could already have a winner" performance.

6. None of the "tone deaf, in denial, I really wanna be on TV, can't carry a tune in a bucket, but don't you dare say so because I'm fabulous" BS from AI (did I already say that?).

7. We were all expecting Van Halen to step up after INXS, but you pulled a fast one,.. a supergroup for the 00's? Time will tell, but I'm more hopeful now than I was yesterday.

8. I get to dig out all my "vintage" 80s Hard Rock and Metal, and be cool again (if only for the summer) - all technically classics - now being rediscovered by (sniff) kids who were born when Guns N' Roses upcoming album was first announced (coming soon, or so the band, I mean Axl, still says).

9. No, I'm not going to mention how hot any of the performers, or co-hosts are.

10. I think the women have as good, if not a better chance of winning this season.