Off Campus

07 August 2006

Too Goo To Be Troo?

Though we have heavy spam filters on our e-mail account here at OFF CAMPUS, one or two occasionally slip through. They're usually easily identifiable, with subject headers filled with numbers-for-letters and suggestive uses of the word "load" and "univeristy". Once in a while, though, we're stumped. Read for yourself the following heartfelt letter and let us know if you think we should respond. It looks like a good deal to us.




Dear Sir,

Peas swallow me to induce myself. My fame is Mrs. Owaltugo Manbuti, and I lie in Fleasollia, just southeast of the North African weigh station #614. Forgive my English is not strong, but my passion for this is greatly just so that I may contact a relatively stranger as you are.

I am writhing to you this day to apall to you for you kind help in a matter of grating impotence. My husbandry, Mr. Dr. Chief Owaltugo Manbuti, DDS, has been longfully impersoned by government offices, keeping from me and our familial several billions of dollars in a secured offstore band amount and threating the clothing of our own horse farm. We can't not have asses to these funds without the inlovement of a persons or persons from outside our arena, due to provincial laws and matters that involve high quart fleas and international charley horse.

I am making to your this possibly of a both way helping to free these funs to be for my family to maintain our horse restaurant and continue to flight for my husband's cheese. I for you will give a transfer of the runs contained in the amount of $500,000.00 of dollars in sexchange for making a dank depot that would serve as action to make the frozen foods available to us in a legal manner to which the goverment official will be of positive firmament. Logs of understanding, rumbler!

If you have are interesting in asses to a protein of these funs, response to me at this address no later than three days ago: This is my personable account that I use from our horse laundry and is safely pigmented.

Please do not tell publicly about this preposition, as we have encrusted to you this specious pop or tuna tree to mutual benefit and joy of the freeing of possesives to righfully be in and of with the proper. Others have excesses interesting in this inclusive offer, so please make sure to response soon, unless you have already been made to know of the sending. Granite beliefs will changemaker.

My husband and I and our son Kip are already thanking of you for your thyme and reasonment in this matter. It is with great distress that we ask of your help, uless we should lose the posting of our horse cannery and being forced to quail, move on forward to a less estate-making decision to expell into the sea several monies not yet understood in Arthur.

Thank you in vans for ass stance,

Mrs. Owaltugo Manbuti, Deceased