Off Campus

02 August 2006

Last Comics Standing

I was miffed early on in the season when some made it through, and others that I thought were a shoo-in were left home (and deprive the rest of us of real funny). However I was pleased this week, when my choices for the weakest remaining we're cast off. Leaving us with the final three - basically a tie in my book. (unless they bring John Heffron back as restitution for cutting the voting short during the "season 1 vs. season 2" finale.) I'm happy with whoever wins.

in recent weeks I called (or rather hoped) for one of the guys to win this show. Before you get all off calling me sexist, one of the girls (I mean women) is likely to win Rockstar - the only other reality fodder worth your time this summer.

(I still can't believe they didn't cancel the rest of the season before the end of the first episode of "Big Brother 1"... let alone bring it back year after year after year.... at least the huge holes in the programming schedule allow us plenty of time to catch up on our summer reading lists - (blogs, not books, that is).

...and now, back to your regularly scheduled triple-digit summer night.