Off Campus

28 August 2005

History, Synchronicity, Anniversary?

Here we are on the 1 year anniversay of the "comics" digital presence, permit us to pause for a moment and look back at the convoluted trip that brought us all together (virtually).

Whether you've been enjoying the blog, you're pining away for the return of the comics, or you keep coming back week after week because you lost a bet, join us as we (spare you the long and the short of it, and) give you just the Bullet points.

  • It all started with a bang, the universe cooled down and the planets formed.
  • something crawled out of the ocean, and grew legs, this evolved into man and horses (while one variant turned back to become the whales)
  • lots of stuff happened
Ok, no time for the bullet points, let me sum up.

Off to college to study Graphic Design in 1991 - Keene State College, Keene, NH. Not being a fan of the comics in the school newspaper, I started my own - Campus Radio. Junior year I spent a semester in St. Malo, France (a fortiefied medieval city right on the English Channel) while a bunch of classmates started up a TV Show (weekly latenight comedy/variety). I jumped back across the pond and managed to get on board, thanks to a chance encounter with the shows host and creator. I wrote, acted, directed and produced, (still doing the comic all along). Highlights included interviewing famous funnyman Steven Wright.

I hung it all up after graduation to go out into the big wide "real world." 9-5, marriage, house and fatherhood. Pursued some creative endeavors, but nothing like the intensity of all the extra curricular back in school.

Time passed, as is its wont, and I pulled the creative box out from under the bed when 168 launched and came calling for comic strippers and bloggers) - I teamed up with Mark - one of my tv buddies (we were literally the last men standing due to attrition at the end of my senior year), and revised the comic strip (renamed Off Campus) for 1/2 a year, and started blogging, and here we are. Blogging on and on and on...

A very convoluted series of events could very well be credited with creating more and lasting friendships, as well as beloved series; "Slow Motion Kung-Fu Theatre," "The Z-Team," and the game show phenomenon "Win or Die," plus noted characters; "Danger Boy" and "Dr. Storm" - TV weatherman complete with shirt, tie and nothing else. All may or may not be elaborated upon in future blogs.

Raise a glass of whatever you have (or go pour some champagne) and toast our paper anniversary! An odd choice for a digital medium.

And, yes, I was recognized by the manager of a Taco Bell - who was looking over the counter to make sure I had pants on.