Off Campus

20 June 2005

The Last Comic

A lot has happened in the past four months or so since I lost my magic sharpie and stopped the cartooning bit for the good folks over at 168. I've received countless letters, faxes, and notes via homing pigeon concerning the fate of the characters, quite literally being left in the dark. So, here for you today, I've dusted off the final comic of a three-part story arc exploring if life can go on without TV.

Rather than show you the end first, and then force you to wait countless nanoseconds (after clicking the "off campus comics archives" link) before reading the beginning - a la the Star Wars model, I present the entire story below... in sequence. (If you find you're eyes straining to read the dialogue, take a break to do some eye stretching, or click on one of the pictures to zoom.)

I particularly enjoyed the whole "Scooby Doo" look at the end.