Off Campus

10 August 2005

And the winner is...

still up for grabs.

Since no one could figure out the math and the complexity of our "win something from the pile giveaway," we've decided to extend the contest by offering up the following "bonus question round." No winners by this time next week (8:15 pm, Wed, Aug 17th) means that Mark gets the green light to buy buy another season set of some TV show to throw on the pile - further condemning him to complete melding with the couch - as well as upsettin' the misses with even more clutter.

The Question:

Currenlty in the pile, there are X episodes of The Twilight Zone, add to that, the difference in years between the newest and oldest episode of Benny Hill, times the number of Stooges, and the combined ages of William Shatner in the following appearances in the pile: Twilight Zone, final season of Star Trek and first season of TJ Hooker. To this number add the result of the number of episodes of the Man from Uncle, divided by the total number of video cassettes in the pile minus the number of DVD's. This sum, plus its numerical opposite (example 34+43, or 317+713) times the caloric content of a jumbo movie sized box of Sno Caps plus a large Diet Coke divided by the difference in minutes of the total running time of the Lord of the Rings trilogy plus The Bourne Identity/Supremacy minus Harry Potter (1-3) and the X-Men (all extended DVD versions where available) Divided by the widescreen aspect ratio, rounded up to the nearest 2 decimal places. Subtract the cost of 2 matinee ticktets for a movie at The Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH and divide the result by 2. This answer, in dollars and cents, can buy you what food item(s) on Fritz's Menu?

Bonus question: What would you have for dessert?

see previous post for rules, and contact info..