Off Campus

05 July 2005

The Guinness Book of Records

Kane MacSween of Kilarney bested Englishman Peter Dowdeswell's 1975 record, when he drank a yard of Guinness - (2 pints) in 4.9 sec. on Feb 12, 2005.

Seamus O'Malley managed to drink 19 pints and still made it home before sunrise!

Ned Devine of Tully Moor beat Om Prakash Singh's 1997 record when he remained motionless for 2 days, 23 hrs, 10 min and 17 secs on August 15–17, 1997. (He'd fallen asleep on the john after an evening of pints with the townsfolk.)

Fiona Dillon correctly recited the titles of James Joyce in chronological order after polishing off 4 pints in 3 minutes.

Fachnan Burke beat John Evans 1998 record by balaning 12 empty beer kegs on his head for 15 seconds. He'd emptied the kegs that evening (with a little help from the townsfolk).

Quintin O'Donovan sang Danny boy for 18 hours straight - he said he could have sung longer but he really needed a pint.

Brendan Malone bested Ashrita Furman's record when he balanced 76 pint glasses on his chin for 10.6 seconds outside a pub in 2003. He broke all the pubs glasses in future attempts to break his own record (and later prevent others from breaking his record).

Lugh O'Donovan Jr. Beat his old mans record of correctly spelling his name after 8 pints. Not bad for a 11 year old bonnie lad.

Cream Cracker Eating - Still considered the benchmark of record-breaking prowess. On October 29, 2002, at the London offices of Guinness World Records, Liam Campbell smashed the existing record by more than 10 seconds, chowing down on three crackers in just 39.15 seconds, and washed it down with a couple pints in 53.97 seconds. (Not a record, but refreshing none-the-less). How quickly can you YOU eat three Jacob's Cream Crackers?

Q: Guinness is high in vitamin G, isn't it?
A: The folklore surrounding Guinness has often lead to it being called vitamin G. Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 pints a day.

Q: What's the proper thing to say when someone {buys you a Guinness/ gives you a 4-pack of Draught-flow cans/gives you your own cask}?
A: Whale oil beef hooked! ;-)

Q: Is there a Guinness smiley/emoticon?
A: (:-{d) (licking the rich, creamy Guinness foam off the upper lip.)