Off Campus

19 September 2005

A church full of yankees

My cousin was married this weekend, somewhere in the upper reaches of "Red Sox Nation." This was the first wedding we've been to that our daughter (age 2 3/4) was old enough to attend. I was most excited about the reception, where we could dance together, and she could jump and dance like the little ball of energy she is. We were expecting a quick (read "non-Catholic" ceremony) and figured her attention wouldn't get a chance to drift. An hour in the church could have been bad - sitting in a room full of strangers and no nap.

Despite all the squirming in my lap, attempts to escape or mold my face into funny shapes, she did very well. She paid attention - a bit too much attention. She commented and laughed heartily at the ministers highly exuberant commentary. (He did set a commanding yet light and amusing tone - which did wonders to calm the groom, who looked like he needed it). She caught and repeated the names of the people who were introduced to sing or give a reading, and was very interested in the "pianyo".

The most memorable moment of the evening, or rather the most quoted moment of the ceremony (from people sitting further away than I thought could have heard), came just after the minister made a comment about the church being full of "Yankees."
My daughter replied, somewhat loudly "Boo Yankees!" Twice.

We've never laughed so much at a wedding, (at nobodys expense), and never have so many people been more proud of a disruptive "baby" in church.