Off Campus

16 September 2004

New Name, More of the Same

Here we are on the 13th anniversary of Campus Radio. The leaves are turning, seasons are about to change, and so too are we. Just like Bloom Country ventured Outland, the folks at Campus Radio (writers, staff, cast and crew) have moved Off Campus.

After appearing in print on and off (mostly off) these past 13 years, we’re looking at things with new eyes. And like all things American, we’ve made a few changes. Bigger, Faster, Better, More.

Bigger: Unlike the original single strip format, we now have triple the space in print.
It’s like Sunday, every Wednesday!

Faster: Our lives are moving at an ever quickening pace every year. Technology is helping us navigate this exciting new world. This has nothing to do with the comic, really, except that now, if you’ve lost your umbrella and can’t get down to the corner store to pick up a hard copy, you can read us online. Entertainment without having to get your sneakers wet – awesome!

Better: We’ve doubled the creative staff, banking on the old adage “two heads are better than one”. We’ve also hired a score of retired comedians to test and rate new material. Let us know if they’re doing their job, or if we should fire their asses.

More: As well as showcasing an entertaining comic every week, we have this space online to talk to you, faithful reader, to share some of our deepest thoughts - ideas that can’t be drawn or made to fit into 6-9 panels. In addition, we are here to answer your questions to all of life’s mysteries, if only to make your day a bit more manageable… unlike our hair. Stupid Flow-bee.

We aim to enlighten, inform, educate and entertain. Or, at the very least, bring a chuckle to your day. If it’s chuckles you seek, we can provide them aplenty – or at least direct you to the candy aisle at the local mini-mart, where you can purchase your own.

OC (formerly CR, and not to be confused with The OC… ever.